Cascadia Community Builders Cooperative

We are the Cascadia Community Builders Cooperative. Equal owner-operators, we celebrate our work and rejoice in seeing it become a meaningful and lasting pillar of a healthy, thriving world.

Our building team is a group of friends born and raised in the American West. For the last eight years our adventures have led us to a great many farms, ranches, and community spaces. Our eye is always on the development of empowering infrastructure, whether we are putting up barns or homes we emphasize education, reclamation, and communication as the base tools of building.

Other tiny houses we've built

The Hayseed is the third in our journey of discovery. Each house has taught us so much, and our gratitude is without end. 



The Team


Nick is a real team player. When he isn't building tiny homes and salvaging materials he is leading youth crews on service learning trips, building trails in the wilderness, or welding bent nails into little trees. Nick works with a smile and will gladly take the time to share his knowledge and resources with you.


Max cuts lumber, deconstructs barns, runs with dogs, and loves his life. If rough work and a good attitude are what is needed then he is the man for the job. His long history of finding community needs and working to provide solutions has made for an education unlike most others. Creativity, kindness, and a love for seeing space take shape assure his contributions to be lasting and meaningful. His main goal is to be of service, and working with the cooperative has provided him with ample opportunity.


Myles is the cooperative's finish specialist, and his eye for beauty is only matched by his attention to detail.  Don't get him started on proper planing technique or the value of a time imbued patina! Working with natural plaster, reclaimed wood, and a heart of gold, he can craft for you an unrivaled space, brimming with a glory that patently defies expectation.


Tyler is a farmer, carpenter, and community builder unlike any other. With a work ethic of iron and a smile of pure sunlight this talented individual will get the job done and keep you laughing all the way through. An ardent salvage artist and seed saver, Tyler embodies wholly the ethic of the cooperative.